Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the name "tcburning" come from?

My first name starts with a T, middle starts with a C, and "burning" is punny.

How did you get your start in tech?

After a classic year of confusion and soul-searching my freshman year at NYU, I took a stab at programming and thought it was "cool enough, I guess." Fast forward to now, where I'm deep in the world(s) of product, algorithmic bias, and overpriced rent in the Bay Area.

I want to do product stuff, too! How do I do that?

Dope. There are dozens of different paths to get into product management, and the best advice that I have is to get as much experience as possible thinking about product problems (which is different from saying Well, I have this one super specific problem when I use X app, so I would make this super specific feature to fix that. Call me PM Gawd). Talk to product managers, read up on aaaallllll the documentation online, and keep cracking at it until someone gives you a shot! Best of luck.
P.S.Freia and I wrote up this doc for folks interested in Associate Product Management (APM) programs, specifically.

What have you been reading lately?

Hunger by Roxane Gay.Venture Deals by Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson. Sour Heart by Jenny Zhang.

Can I pick your brain?

Eh, there's a lot going on in my brain.

What are your thoughts on Robyn Rihanna Fenty?*


Will you speak at my thing / Can you give me advice / Wanna hear my startup idea?

Maybe. Tell me more about it by contacting me below:

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*Admittedly, no one ever asks me this but I feel that more people should, hence I included it here.