Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the name "tcburning" come from?

It's punny, I guess. I came up with it in high school when I was peer pressured by my friends to make a Twitter account. Guess it (all) just really stuck with me.

How did you get your job at Twitter?

I just applied!

Can you tell me more about your amazing in-house garden?*

YES. I have tomatoes, rosemary, peppers, and oregano growing in my apartment right now. Just call me Litte Farmer-Tech-Gal.

What have you been reading lately?

Swing Time by Zadie Smith. Hunger by Roxane Gay. Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan.

Will you speak at my thing / Can you give me advice / Wanna hear my startup idea?

Yes. Tell me more about it by contacting me below:

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No one ever asks me this but I feel that more people should, hence I included it here.