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I decided to start the Goods as a way to tell people about the kinds of things I like, namely, different people, products and events. Whether you’re just a group of homies working on something interesting, a startup trying to launch the Next Big Thing, or a filmmaker showing your next screening, I’d love to promote it here. If you’re looking for a little attention boost, this may help! For a small fee, of course. A girl’s gotta eat.

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Jobs and Products



Inspired by the African Diaspora, KHIRY is among the first luxury fashion brands to draw inspiration from outside of the Western world. KHIRY channels the beauty, art, heritage and culture of the diaspora into modern, luxurious vermeil jewelry.



Tinsel has made headphones truly wearable by blending bold jewelry design with high-quality earbuds. We spent two years developing what we proudly call the world's first audio necklace, The Dipper.



HumbleWorks is an industrial design collective, who love to design and produce beautiful well-considered products that actually improve the well being. We create clean, elegant and portable products that enhance the physical wellbeing of those who sit down for long periods during work.

People and Events

APM Society

APM SOCIETY: Eventbrite

APM Society (APMS) is excited to be announcing our first meetup! APMS is a series of community events for Associate Product Managers in the Valley, building a community of top new product leaders. Join us to meet your peers for drinks, discussions, and relationship building.

SC Photography


Hi, I'm Steven. I'm a self-taught photographer from New York City. I currently reside in San Francisco, CA. Taking new projects! Email me at s [at] stevenchan [dot] co

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