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s p e a k i n g

Emcee: All Raise Inagural #WomenWhoVenture Summit, November 2018 // "Getting the audience pumped...!"
TechCrunch Disrupt X #BUILTBYGIRLS q&a, September 2018
Github Universe, October 2017 // "One of the greatest talks I've ever seen."
KEYNOTE: Codemotion Amsterdam, May 2017
KEYNOTE: DevConf, South Africa, March 2017
Tech@NYU's Product Management Panel (moderator), April 2016*

w r i t i n g

Mogul | What I’ve Learned in the Year Since Starting My Career
Fast Company | World Travel Showed This Twitter Staffer How To Build Better Products
Teen Vogue | Afropunk Is a Safe Space for Black People in Donald Trump's America*
Teen Vogue | What It's Like to Experience Coachella as a Black Person*
Model View Culture | Black Women in Tech, 2016*
Forbes | [Column]
Scientific American | [Column]
Rookie | How the Internet Works*
The Tempest | What doing the work cost me as a woman of of color
Mogul | A #DayInTheLife in San Francisco as a Product Manager at a Tech Company
Rookie | Computer Programming 101*
Forbes | Good for People of Color in Tech: Highlighting Safe Spaces for Minorities in Technology*
Scientific American | STEM Student Spotlight: Kaya Thomas
Model View Culture | Side Project Culture: Opportunities and Obstacles for Marginalized People in Tech
Terri Turns 22*
HelloFlo | What I Learned About Feminism Through Coding*
UGH Magazine | There Will Always Be A Long Way To Go
Model View Culture | Dreaming: Holding Onto the Hope of Justice in Technology and America
Model View Culture | Why Diversity in Tech Efforts are Still Failing

p r e s s

Apartment Therapy: This Small San Francisco Studio Is Incredibly Bright & Stylish
Forbes: Nine Smart Moves To Network Into A Venture Role
Women of Silicon Valley: 33 Badass Black Womxn in Tech: Terri Burns
Powerful Women in Consumer Technology 2017: Terri Burns
Terri Burns, Product Manager at Twitter, Silky Pond
The ZADevChat Podcast Interview
Building software for 7 billion people? Check your privilege before you check your code
Hack to Start Podcast Interview
The Setup: Terri Burns
Tweeting with Terri Burns*
CodeNewbie Podcast: Getting A Degree in Computer Science
The Huffington Post: 10 Inspirational Words of Wisdom Women Have on How to Reign their Lives
The Intern Podcast, Episode 7: The Priority Problem
Evolvher: Student Insider: Terri Burns
Women Who Reign: Terri Burns
Washington Square News: Most Influential
HelloFlo: Terri Burns Is Making Serious Change in the Tech World
Anita Borg Institute's Instagram Takeover for #GHC15
POC in Tech: Episode 4*
The Social Daily: @tcburning
Code Camp IV
The HBIC Project: The Tech Talents: Freia Lobo and Terri Burns*
Local Went There: Tech@NYU Startup Week
New York Observer Bey Trader: New Site Displays Stock Value as Beyonce Gifs
Complex: Bey Trader: The Site Where Beyonce Updates You on Your Stocks

p r o j e c t s

Coordinates Magazine
Terri Turns 22, A Newsletter
Well, Technically, A Forbes Podcast
The Periodical, A Period Infographic
Name That Drake Song, A Data Viz
Telluric Season Magazine*
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