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Three years ago, I ended my (now kind of cringy, but still kind of good) birthday newsletter series with a list of 22 Blessings. It’s interesting to look back at this list and see all of the things that have changed: I’m not really much of a texter anymore, I think I’m better at telling my parents I appreciate them, and I spend (a little) less of my free time thinking about all of the desserts that I love (though to be clear, my annual tradition of buying and eating an entire red velvet cake for myself will continue. I estimate that this will have to end at age 28 or so). In other ways, I have not evolved at all: Take Care is still one of my favorite albums, I never miss my manicure appointments, and New York still feels like a long-lost friend. I’ve already explained that I've entered 2019 with optimism, and the same goes with entering my 25th year. I'm feeling real good about it, it y'all! So here are 25 blessings:

1. Early mornings on weekdays, late nights on weekends.
2. Needy by Ariana Grande.
4. A moment to myself early this morning. I went on a walk when the city was still quiet and the sun was rising. Love a good start to the day.
4. People that don’t work in tech.
5. Room temperature water.
6. Last weekend with my best friends in Arizona. Last night's pizza dinner with Sequoia, Jackie, and Freia. This morning's SoulCycle class (Barry's was full) with Nate and Aliza. My weekend getaway festivities with 12 of my homies.
7. My friend Potluck for pushing me to celebrate bigger this year.
8. Finding a new, amazing hair braider in Oakland.
9. Saying goodbye.
10. Renewed clarity in my work/job.
11. Knowing when to occasionally break a good habit.
12. Sunshine in San Francisco after weeks of rain.
13. Steven Universe.
14. Moving on, even just a little bit at a time.
15. Getting through an entire day with good posture.
16. Tequila.
17. When someone cancels a plan that you wanted to cancel anyway.
18. Long phone calls with friends/family.
19. When someone says “it be like that sometimes" and you really feel it.
20. When someone says “Omg, I have so much to update you on,” so you sit back and grab the popcorn.
21. Warm hands.
22. Skincare.
23. A few weeks ago I ate a late-night burrito for the first time in over a year. It was so, so good. I’m still thinking about it weeks later. A true blessing!
24. Inbox 0.
25. Friday birthdays🍰

Happy birthday to me! #TCBDay


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