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▫️GV partner Terri Burns is joining us to judge the Startup Battlefield
▫️Forbes 30 Under 30 2020
▫️New GV partner Terri Burns has a simple investment thesis: Gen Z
▫️Meet Terri Burns, the youngest and first Black female partner at GV, formerly known as Google Ventures
▫️26-year-old Terri Burns just became the youngest investing partner ever at Google's venture fund
▫️GV, formerly known as Google Ventures, elevates its first Black female investing partner
▫️The All Raise Summer 2020 Reading List
▫️8 Black investors discuss the intersection of race, tech and funding
▫️If you’re not investing in diverse founders, you’re a bad investor
▫️HBCUvc’s 31 Under 31: The Future of Venture Capital
▫️VCGC: Terri Burns - Principal @ GV
▫️Apartment Therapy: This Small San Francisco Studio Is Incredibly Bright & Stylish

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▫️Teen Vogue Summit 2020
▫️Fortune Brainstorm Tech
▫️Rogue Women: Virtual Panel, May 2020
▫️Github Universe, October 2017
▫️ KEYNOTE: Codemotion Amsterdam, May 2017
▫️KEYNOTE: DevConf, South Africa, March 2017

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▫️Fast Company | World Travel Showed This Twitter Staffer How To Build Better Products
▫️Teen Vogue | What It's Like to Experience Coachella as a Black Person*
▫️Model View Culture | Black Women in Tech, 2016*
▫️Scientific American | [Column]
▫️Rookie | How the Internet Works*
▫️Rookie | Computer Programming 101*

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▫️Coordinates Magazine
▫️Terri Turns 22, A Newsletter
▫️Telluric Season Magazine*

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